The Bard stood on a hill of silent watching
His ears perceived the din of battle sounds
He almost raised his harp and started singing
But instead he knelt and felt the dampened ground

As he stood in silent dream, twilight descended
The silvered dark was not like darkness that he knew
The very land began to shimmer with an inner glow
Before his eyes appeared a light – pale, azure blue

Shinann’s eyes were the color of serenity
Her stride was the gliding, floating breeze,
Her words escaped her lips only grudgingly
Her laughter was the music of the leaves

Shinann was born for future generations
Her gifts were given from the distant past
She floated through the trees concealed in shadow
Her eyes betrayed her constant, girlish laugh

He stood gazing at the light; enthralled, enraptured
He tried to capture just a glimpse within
As he reached his arms around the glowing vision
Shinann slipped away and left him grasping wind


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