The News of the Day

There was a small dog on the pass
And he stopped to chew some grass
Looked around, then he wandered on his way
There were some boys out in the road
Playing baseball with a toad
I saw it all and that’s the news of the day
I won’t go out of my house
Cause there’s danger all about
And I’m safer if I stay under my roof
I’ll sit right here and through my glasses
Watch the world as it passes
And report the news – my version of the truth
I am so glad for social media,
Google, Bing, and Wikipedia
Cause between them I am quite the know it all
I don’t like human interaction
It causes too much distraction
When I’d rather watch and criticize it all
So that’s the news of the day
And that’s all I have to say
I’m headed off to bed, I need my beauty sleep
There will be more, I’m sure, tomorrow
To report, much pain and sorrow
But for now, I guess it’s gonna have to keep
So that’s the news of the day
And that’s all I have to say‚Ķ

Copyright 2017 Donald Paul Harris

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