The News of the Day

There was a small dog on the pass
And he stopped to chew some grass
Looked around, then he wandered on his way
There were some boys out in the road
Playing baseball with a toad
I saw it all and that’s the news of the day
I won’t go out of my house
Cause there’s danger all about
And I’m safer if I stay under my roof
I’ll sit right here and through my glasses
Watch the world as it passes
And report the news – my version of the truth
I am so glad for social media,
Google, Bing, and Wikipedia
Cause between them I am quite the know it all
I don’t like human interaction
It causes too much distraction
When I’d rather watch and criticize it all
So that’s the news of the day
And that’s all I have to say
I’m headed off to bed, I need my beauty sleep
There will be more, I’m sure, tomorrow
To report, much pain and sorrow
But for now, I guess it’s gonna have to keep
So that’s the news of the day
And that’s all I have to say‚Ķ

Copyright 2017 Donald Paul Harris

That Angel and Shepherd Moment

That angel and shepherd moment
That night on the side of a hill
When the heavens poured out their glory
And showered the earth in God’s will

The stuff of myth – this improbable story
About a king born of virgin birth
The prophecies fulfilled in this moment
Changed the very fabric of earth

The angels sang; the heavens rang
The shepherd bowed their knees in awe
An angel said, “be not afraid”
So the shepherds left their flocks to worship
The infant Son of God

That angel and shepherd moment
On a hillside long ago
When messengers from heaven came
And set the winter night aglow

So we celebrate that moment
When angels held the shepherds in awe
When the mystery broke into history
To praise the newborn Son of God

12/20/2020 Donald Paul Harris

Our Tears Cry Out

(from Malachi)

We stand on ancient promises
We walk in ancient faith
Though we’re surrounded by voices of arrogance
Your fire lights our way

We live within this mystery
You’re our salvation song
So we return to you in obedience
To dwell within our God

[chorus] Our tears cry out and break the heavens
Holy God, let your spirit flow down
Drench our hearts in the rain of repentance
Holy God, heal our nation now

The storms rage outside
But in your presence is perfect peace
So even as our hearts cry out
We rest in you; we rest in you

So we stand in confidence
We stand in childlike faith
We simply rest within your presence
And trust you’ll guide our way

copyright 2020 Donald Paul Harris

In The Year of Things As They Ought Not Be

In the year of things
As they ought not be
If we keep our heads down
We fail to see
That all around us
In the midst of chaos
Joy is bursting forth

In the year of things
As we wish they weren’t
We can run from the fire
And still get burnt
But the God who is for us
Leads us in a chorus
And joy is bursting forth

In the year of things
That are falling apart
We can lift our eyes
And guard our hearts
Yes, this life is painful
But, our God is faithful
And joy is bursting forth

In the year that feels
Like a dumpster fire
Our nerves are shot
And our hearts are tired
But the God who sees us
Has come to redeem us
And joy is bursting forth

In the year of empires
Crumbling down
The waters are rising
And we fear we might drown
But the King of all nations
Secures our salvation
And joy is bursting forth

In the year of things
As they ought not be
If we lift our eyes
We are sure to see
That all around us
Are friends that love us
And joy is bursting forth

Donald Paul Harris Nov 15, 2020


How long, O Lord, shall I cry
til you come and rescue me?
I see violence on every side
In this Valley of Iniquity

Where the law is paralyzed
And justice cannot be found
For the wicked surround the righteous
Who hold fast on holy ground

[chorus] I want to know what’s on the other side
I want more of you in my life
Leave the things of this world behind
And give me more, more, more – of you

I will watch through the dark of night
To hear the prayers of the righteous rise
I will take my stand at my post
To watch and wait for the Lord of Hosts

He speaks stars into being with a word
He calms the heart of a fearful child
I know He hears me when I cry
Though I sit alone in the night

Copyright 2020 Donald Paul Harris

Everything Is Upside Down

Everything is upside down
The king isn’t wearing a crown
A donkey stands near where he lays
In a rough wooden trough filled with hay

His mother looks down into his eyes
And through a gentle tear breaks a smile
Though the future of his reign is secure
Her tears are shed for the pain he will endure

Holy, holy, infant child
Born this day in manger mild
Holy, holy, angels came
Peace on Earth would they proclaim

Copyright 12/27/2020 Donald Paul Harris

Naked Truth

When you strip away all the falsity
All the things they say you have to be
When you take it down to the rocky ground
You’ll be left with just the naked truth you’ve found

When you take away all the fakery
All the lies they say you must believe
Then the curtain’s pulled and the wizard’s shown
To be just a man standing in the dark alone

Then your eyes are open to see the naked truth
And your ears can hear the universe singing to you
When the truth of who you are is all you’ve got
You don’t have to try anymore to be something that you’re not

When the veil of smoke is cleared away
And the sun shines clear like a summer day
When the dead of night gives the breaking dawn
You can leave the past and get to moving on

When the veil of acrid smoke is cleared away
And the sun shines crystal clear like a summer day
When the dead of night gives way to the breaking dawn
You can leave the past behind and get to moving on

copyright 2019 Donald Paul Harris

Yisra El

There was a time I’d hide away
Behind the walls inside a foreign land
And there I lay addicted to my pain
And I could see no way of getting out

Then in the dark you came to me
And a whisper in my ear said, “you are loved”
So I looked around to see
To my surprise my cell was never shut

And I, I am Yisra El
I wrestle every day that I have breath
To lift your name on high
And I, I am Yisra El
I struggle with every way I run from death
And to your name of life

Your Holy Name of Life

I wake to face the day
Knowing well my life is in your hands
I face the fear of the day
Knowing well the world is in your hands

copyright 2019 Donald Paul Harris tgbtg


When times are tough
and you’re struggling through
It’s never enough
No matter how much you do
Just look around
And you’ll find a friend
To the very end
I will be there for you

Because a friend is there when you need them
And when you don’t
You don’t worry that they might leave you
Because they won’t
The wounds of a friend are sweeter
Than the kisses of pleasant words
And forgiveness is the sweetest gift
You’ll get from those you’ve hurt

When the road is rough
And you’re stumbling along
You tripped and fell
And bruised your heart on a stone
Reach out your hand
And you’ll find a friend
Then you’ll understand
You were never alone

copyright 2019 Donald Paul Harris

I Throat-Punched The Devil

Long before the world began, I was in God’s eye
His Word was spoken over me: His truth for my life
But the enemy came sneaking in
With sweet-sounding lies of sin
That led me down a path that went
Away from God’s Design

So I throat-punched the devil
With the power of prayer
And I stopped that fool from whispering
His lies in my ear
I kicked him out the window
Of my mind and locked the door
And I never have to listen to
His lies anymore

I was like a leper; I was numb to my own pain
Causing unknown injuries time and again
But when I saw the Lord
A cry arose from in my soul
And though I called myself unclean
My God declared me whole

copyright 2019 Donald Paul Harris