Fallow Ground

Fallow Ground by Don Harris and Rod Mackert. Guitar and Vocals by Rod Mackert.

Lord, there’s fallow ground in my heart
The soil of my soul is hard and dry
Come and do a work with your plow
Then let it rain on my fallow ground

Lord, there’s secret sin in my life
There’s a shadow of shame in my eye
Come and break the soil of this barren heart of mine
Let it rain on my fallow ground

My soul has grown uncaring
My heart has grown so cold
My prayers now too familiar
Seem meaningless and old
But, lord, you’re my redeemer
So, let the rains come down
And bring the fruits of righteousness
In this man’s fallow ground

Lord, I have this emptiness inside
I’ve given place to bitterness and pride
Come into this barren land you’ve found
Let it rain on my fallow ground


Lord, search my heart and see
If there’s any wicked way in me
Bring your sweet revival
And let it rain on me

copyright 2003 Donald Paul Harris

Stone Cold Fox

It’s a clear, hot day on the highway
And I’m driving to work downtown
There’s a red Mustang in the fast lane
Riding with the top pulled down

The radio’s pumping out a bassline
And there’s a stone cold fox in the seat
There’s no doubt about it, she’s so fine
Like a tall drink of water in the heat

She’s a stone cold fox and she knows it
You can tell by the look in her eye
There’s a special way she moves that shows it
A special something that’s hard to disguise
And you know you’ll hear the music when you watch her walk
There’s no doubt about it, she’s a stone cold fox
She’s a stone cold fox and she knows it
She’s a stone cold fox alright

Copyright 2005 Donald Paul Harris


Lord, there’s a rift somewhere deep in my soul
and it keeps me from being whole
I tremble and shake like an earthquake

I stifle a silent scream
Cry for a healing stream
Gilead’s balm for my wounds

I stand here a shattered man
With my prodigal heart in my hand
So tired of living in fear
My heart longs for you to be near


Turners Turn

Turners Turn, turn around
Look around, turning down
Looking up, looking down
check around, checking out

Turners wait, change their gait
Change their lean, lean the same
Looking in, looking out
Steel their gaze, change the game

Turn your head, turn my way
Make my time your turn today
Don’t change your mind, don’t turn your gaze
Don’t back down, don’t back away

It’s your turn
Turner, turn

Political Dia Tribe

Political Dia Tribe

1,2,3,4 – Politicians! Bar the door
It’s a parliament of whores
It’s Election Day, now
5,6,7,8 – It’s another Watergate
With a circus surrogate
On a binge of freedom

Vote! Now, it’s up to you
Vote! It’s the thing to do
Vote! For the chosen few
Chosen just by you now

8,7,6,5 – Scale the mountain; take the dive
Make some honey for the hive
Til it’s Judgment Day, now
4,3,2,1 – Politicians on the run
Cast your vote; who’ll be the one?
And who’ll be cast aside, now?

9/2004 dpharris



Family Ties

We didn’t have a lot of money
When I was growing up
We didn’t live in luxury
We couldn’t buy a lot of stuff
But the things I remember
And the memories I prize
Are the times we pulled together
With nothing more than family ties

Family ties are made of blood bonds
Firmly wound tight with hope
We depend on each other
To help one another cope
Family ties made of blood bonds
Stretch beyond eternity
You will always be accepted
Just because you’re family

We’re not among the rich and famous
We’re not among the world’s elite
We’re just common humble people
Living here as family

We never faced a day of hunger
We never suffered from the cold
We didn’t worry ’bout the problems
Of the world when you grow old

Whiskey From a Still

Whiskey From a Still

I’ve got to tell my story
I’ve got a tale to tell
A tale of love that’s sure to give a thrill
I’m drunk on her sweet love
It’s almost struck me dumb
This feeling’s strong as whiskey from a still

My hands won’t stop shaking
My heart won’t stop aching
My love won’t quit and I hope it never will
I shout it everywhere I go
I sing it on the radio
This feeling’s strong as whiskey from a still

My knees are feeling weak
I trip on my own feet
It’s hard to concentrate and I feel ill
I dance instead of walking
I know it’s all her fault
This feeling’s strong as whiskey from a still

My heart’s shot through the roof
This love’s a hundred proof


copyright 2005 D P Harris