Shine For Me

Shine for me
Let me see your light
Shining in the night
Won’t you shine for me
Don’t be afraid
Let the passion deep inside of you
Be freed for today
C’mon, shine for me
Let me see your light
Shine for me

I’ve seen your dark side
I know there’s more to see
You’ve shown compassion
And that’s a lot to me
You never really know someone
So you take a step of faith
You take a hand and take a chance
That love will find a way

There’s life worth living
If you’ll let me show the way
There’s love worth giving
If you’ll give yourself away
You never really love someone
Til you learn to let them go
And when your love comes back to you
That’s when you will know, you can…

copyright 2011 Donald Paul Harris


your presence leaves me needless
there is nothing I could want
my doubts and fears extinguished
by the water of your love

your glory leaves me shameless
my sin stain fades away
overcome by your great mercy
I stand in awe and give you thanks

you are all I need
Jesus, you are all I need
when your spirit breathes on me
you are all I need

copyright 2011 Donald Paul Harris

Live For Today

I’m in no hurry
To get through my day
I’ll take the journey
As it comes my way
Wherever the crow flies
Wherever it lands
God is there laughing
At you making your plans

From every direction
Life comes at you fast
There’s good times and bad times
But neither will last
One day you’re captain
Of your destiny
Next day you’re capsized
Adrift on the sea

So live in the moment
One day at a time
Put your past and future
Clean out of your mind
Yesterday’s gone now
The past you can’t change
Tomorrow’s not promised
So live for today

copyright 2011 Donald Paul Harris