International Woman of Mystery

She slipped through the shadows in the pale dark of night
To the Post Office Box that hid her mystery life
With a guarded expression and a dip of her chin
She tossed her junk mail in the recycle bin

She only drove back roads so no one could find
The safe secret hideout that freed up her mind
The one place where she could go freely to think
About all of the things that threw life in a kink

She’s a woman of mystery and mystery’s her lot
But if you would ask her she’d tell you it’s not
She just has a secret place to go escape
From the stress and the chaos that lands on her plate

She smiles for there’s nobody she has to please
Except her own demons that come in her sleep
But then as the morning sun drives them away
She rises and starts her mysterious day

The Journey (Closer To Home)

The journey is long; the journey is hard
The journey takes its toll on your heart
But when it’s over you’ll back and see
You were never alone

And I’m closer to home (every day)
Closer to home (every step of the way)
Closer to home… to home

Some days the sunshine soaks you in rain
Some days the fun times leave you in pain
You look around and you see no gain
But you’re closer to home

We walk by faith as we walk in the light
We’re never alone as we work through the night
Never afraid with Christ by our side
Leading us home

copyright 8-10-2014 Donald Paul Harris

Good News

I am bursting with good news
I am dancing the song of my saviorGod
I am leaping for joy at the sound of his name
I am bursting with good news

I am bursting with good news
He spoke in my heart and I have believed
He entered my prison now I am released
I am bursting with good news

The good news of God is where the blind man sees
The good news of God is where the lame man leaps
Shout from the mountaintops; exclaim from the roof
The good news of God is the truth

copyright 8-10-2014 Donald Paul Harris


I’ve got my assurances; I’ve got my doubts
I’ll be the first one to admit
I don’t have it all figured out
But when you are next to me you melt the clouds
You help me navigate through all of my life’s up and downs

I’m falling from heaven; I’m falling from grace
I’m falling through chaos; I’m falling into your embrace
I’m falling from heaven; I’m falling from grace
I’m falling through chaos; I’m falling into your embrace

I’ve walked this road before in days gone by
I’ve walked these floors swept clean by tears
While waiting many sleepless nights
Now I’m hanging on promises nobody made
I’m hanging on every word you speak watching every move you make

copyright 2014 Donald Paul Harris

Evangel Me

Lay your cross on my heart
Your death is life for me
Cover me with your love
Give me new eyes to see
There’s a whole world who needs to know you
May they see you in me

Evangel me and use me for your glory
Evangel me and fill me with your love”
Evangel me for you alone are holy
Evangel me that all the world may see
Your life in me

Break my heart for your world
And let your heart be mine
Let me walk in your love
And show your peace through my life
Each person I meet is in a battle
So let me pour grace in their life


Use me to loosen the bindings of death
And set the prisoners free

copyright 8-10-2014 Donald Paul Harris


Tin cup banging on an iron rail
alabambam alabambam
Two-time loser escaped from jail
alabambam alabambam
John Law stands at a Police roadblock
Stares at the ground and kicks at a rock
Grips the stock of his black 12-gauge
Takes stock of his life and he fills with rage
alabambam alabambam
alabambam alabambam

Raindrops trickle down a window pane
alabambam alabambam
Eyes stare out at the pouring rain
alabambam alabambam
Priest hands a blanket to a homeless man
Turns away thinks he done all he can
Stares at a rock as he hits the ground
In a puddle of blood, he’s glory bound
alabambam alabambam
alabambam alabambam

Lights streak past through the rain-soaked night
alabambam alabambam
Sirens wail as they chase the light
alabambam alabambam
Glass vibrates as the raindrops dance
Pained eyes search for a second chance
Night cries echo down paint-flecked halls
Night prayers rise as raindrops fall
alabambam alabambam
alabambam alabambam

copyright 2014 Donald Paul Harris