The News of the Day

There was a small dog on the pass
And he stopped to chew some grass
Looked around, then he wandered on his way
There were some boys out in the road
Playing baseball with a toad
I saw it all and that’s the news of the day
I won’t go out of my house
Cause there’s danger all about
And I’m safer if I stay under my roof
I’ll sit right here and through my glasses
Watch the world as it passes
And report the news – my version of the truth
I am so glad for social media,
Google, Bing, and Wikipedia
Cause between them I am quite the know it all
I don’t like human interaction
It causes too much distraction
When I’d rather watch and criticize it all
So that’s the news of the day
And that’s all I have to say
I’m headed off to bed, I need my beauty sleep
There will be more, I’m sure, tomorrow
To report, much pain and sorrow
But for now, I guess it’s gonna have to keep
So that’s the news of the day
And that’s all I have to say‚Ķ

Copyright 2017 Donald Paul Harris

When I Was A Child

When I was a child
The universe was made for me
On the day I was born
The world saw its first morning
To ensure I was happy and free

When will I be an adult, I said
When you start to think like an adult, said he
But he did not tell me when that would be
And the world still revolved around me

When I was a child
To lull little eyes to sleep
We sang songs of a gentler time
From before the Great Catastrophe

Thoughts in my head
Spinning me around
Every day I grew stronger as I ran
And in time I had grown into a man

When will I be an adult, I said
When you start to think like an adult, said he
But he did not tell me when that would be
Now the world no longer spins around me


Time Is An Illusion

Night mist swirled around me
Bathed my eyes; touched my cheek
On my lips I could sense the taste
Of a distant primordial sea

My eyes pierced through the mist
And perceived a host of distant lights
Dancing and swaying on an ageless mound
Like a coterie of ancient fireflies

Time is an illusion with a purpose
Only those with open eyes can truly see
All who’ve gone before are never truly gone
But The Gathering is an ancient memory

As I strode the mist parted from my way
To a cairn that was impossibly high
I began the treacherous climb up the jagged stones
And on the mound I found myself in empty time


The Storm Of War

Storm clouds formed
The storm of war
People armored for the battle call
Hope is the cruelest trap of all

Bard stood by
Harp by his side
A spark tore memories lost in time
Desperate voices screamed in his mind

Long ships sailed
Storm clouds wailed
Bodies washed ashore from the raging sea
Scars in time are only cruel memories

Fierce battle cries
Warriors fought and died
The land we loved tainted by their blood
The dark wolves howled like a woman


The Great Queen

Her eyes were old when the world was young
Her words were bold and silenced everyone
She wielded power the music in her voice
Called for peace in the gift of song

Beware how you cry for war
Recall the tales Before the Before

Accusations were flung like sparks from a fire
And stung as they singed hair and skin
War is not the way of the Children of Light
This is not the time to begin

Beware how you cry for war
Recall the tales Before the Before
The true cost of war will be found
When your children lie dead on the ground

The Great War of Memory was so long ago
And a warrior must fight to be a man
But setting a fire not counting the cost
Scorches earth and destroys the clan


The Dagda

The Elder King; The oldest man
The Dagda was the most ancient of our clan
Generations had called him King
When he spoke all bowed to his authority

A silver mane was his crown
It took three men to replace him when he stepped down
His ancient wisdom still within reach
The Dagda settled into what he could teach

Time is an illusion with a purpose
Some things you must discover for yourself
Nothing’s ever learned until it tests us
Once learned it can never be expelled

Minds forget, but spirit remembers
Nothing is ever really lost in time
Life has ending – so does death
Til the balance of time is satisfied

The teacher teaches in his time
You only learn a lesson when the time is right
This life, next life, last life, three
All rivers flow into the endless sea


The Bard

A bard, a druid, a magic man
Gazed across the sea
His harp, Clarsah, was in his hand
His fingers strummed her nine bronze strings

The music fought the wind for supremacy
Turned the sea mist into voices of deep longing
The embodiment of living melancholy
Underneath was an insistent beat
Like the thud of a mighty heartbeat

The people on the shore heard music on the wind
They wondered where it could be coming from
The people stopped their work and tried to comprehend
From the sea there came the echo of drums

I never heard a harp like that before
A woman’s cry of courage, hope, and fear
There’s never been music like that before
It’s almost too beautiful to bear

Is this music a warrior’s eulogy?
Or a woman bearing a child?
The Bard kept playing on the harp’s nine strings
Music radiant, sensual, and wild



The Bard stood on a hill of silent watching
His ears perceived the din of battle sounds
He almost raised his harp and started singing
But instead he knelt and felt the dampened ground

As he stood in silent dream, twilight descended
The silvered dark was not like darkness that he knew
The very land began to shimmer with an inner glow
Before his eyes appeared a light – pale, azure blue

Shinann’s eyes were the color of serenity
Her stride was the gliding, floating breeze,
Her words escaped her lips only grudgingly
Her laughter was the music of the leaves

Shinann was born for future generations
Her gifts were given from the distant past
She floated through the trees concealed in shadow
Her eyes betrayed her constant, girlish laugh

He stood gazing at the light; enthralled, enraptured
He tried to capture just a glimpse within
As he reached his arms around the glowing vision
Shinann slipped away and left him grasping wind


Red-Haired Angel

She walked up and hit me, With a Sledgehammer Smile
Made polite conversation, Then sat for a while
Her saintly expression, And innocent gaze
That red-haired angel, Set my heart ablaze

Oh, what can I do? It keeps getting stranger
Oh, what can I do? I sense danger
From a red-haired angel
She’s a red-haired angel

She’s got me jumping to check my defenses
Adrenaline’s pumping; can’t come to my senses
In a state of confusion; Looking over my shoulder
Seems so shy and prudent; But she keeps getting bolder

The love of a red-haired woman
Is like no love you’ve ever known
She’ll let you be Lord of the Manor
But claim your bed as her own

When you love a red-haired woman
She’ll leave you alone for a while
Then when you least expect it
She’ll hit you with a sledgehammer smile