Our Tears Cry Out

(from Malachi)

We stand on ancient promises
We walk in ancient faith
Though we’re surrounded by voices of arrogance
Your fire lights our way

We live within this mystery
You’re our salvation song
So we return to you in obedience
To dwell within our God

[chorus] Our tears cry out and break the heavens
Holy God, let your spirit flow down
Drench our hearts in the rain of repentance
Holy God, heal our nation now

The storms rage outside
But in your presence is perfect peace
So even as our hearts cry out
We rest in you; we rest in you

So we stand in confidence
We stand in childlike faith
We simply rest within your presence
And trust you’ll guide our way

copyright 2020 Donald Paul Harris


How long, O Lord, shall I cry
til you come and rescue me?
I see violence on every side
In this Valley of Iniquity

Where the law is paralyzed
And justice cannot be found
For the wicked surround the righteous
Who hold fast on holy ground

[chorus] I want to know what’s on the other side
I want more of you in my life
Leave the things of this world behind
And give me more, more, more – of you

I will watch through the dark of night
To hear the prayers of the righteous rise
I will take my stand at my post
To watch and wait for the Lord of Hosts

He speaks stars into being with a word
He calms the heart of a fearful child
I know He hears me when I cry
Though I sit alone in the night

Copyright 2020 Donald Paul Harris

Nehemiah’s Prayer

Lord we call upon your promise
And we stand upon your name
Though we’re exiled to far horizons
You’ll restore us to our land again

Lord we see our walls are fallen
And we live now with no defense
Lord we need your whole provision
To let us walk in your righteousness

We fall upon our knees
And confess our sins to you
From our father’s generations
And confess our own sins, too
Lord restore the ancient boundaries
And restore your guiding hand
Rain your blessing on your people
Flood your blessing on our land

Lord we wait for you to move us
And we wait to hear your call
Lord we stand upon your goodness
As we work to build these walls

We come home to make a difference
We come home to make a stand
Heal our hearts and heal our nation
Heal your people; heal our land

Heal our hearts and heal our nation
Heal your people; heal our land

Donald Paul Harris
September 10, 2017

Jeremiah 12

You are right, O God and you set things right
So will you answer this question for me?
Why do the wicked thrive and have an easy life
While the righteous man strives to be free

How long, O Lord, must we cry “How Long?”
Until your goodness flows like rivers to the sea?
And the wicked man will be struck from the land
And the land, once a desert, turns green

Habakkuk 3

O Lord I have heard of your fame
And I stand in awe of your deeds
Make yourself known in my day
In your mercy remember me

His glory covers the heavens
His Praises fill all the earth
His splendor is like the sunrise
Light rays flash from his hand
As his power is shown in our land

He stands and the whole earth shakes
And the nations tremble in fear
The mountains crumble and quake
As the Glory of God comes near

Sun & Moon stood still in the heavens
In wrath, you threshed the earth and her nations
You came to deliver your people
To save your anointed one