The Stones of Time

The Stones of Time is a musical project that began during the Christmas holidays in 2017. I was reading “Only The Stones Survive” by Morgan Llywelyn and was taken with the overall story and narrative. I wrote the words for 15 songs inspired by the book and over the next year or so added 6 more (we’re up to 28 now). Frozen Fires is the first one that was written and the first recorded. More are in the works.

  • Frozen Fires

    Frozen Fires concealed within the stonesFrom the chaos the cosmos is bornWith every spark another world is formedNo way to explain or understand


  • The Bard

    A bard, a druid, a magic manGazed across the seaHis harp, Clarsah, was in his handHis fingers strummed her nine bronze strings The music fought the wind for supremacyTurned the sea mist into voices of deep longingThe embodiment of living melancholyUnderneath was an insistent beatLike the thud of a mighty heartbeat The people on the…


  • To The Ends Of The Earth

    What do you see when you open your eyesAnd look towards the gathering skiesCan you see the stars and hear their burning cry?Each star that formed in the distant pastAnd from its core starlight was castThrough the eons traveled to find your searching eyes To the ends of the earth where dragons beHowling winds toss…


  • Time and Tide

    No scarring blade or scorching flame Can wipe the memory of your name Oceans rise and mountains fall Still I hear your whispered call Pale moon rise as dark shapes fly Between bright diamonds in a star-pocked sky Bare trees dance as the cold wind blows Second chance is granted to the heart that knows…